As a life coach I can help you to gain clarity about the direction of your goals, career, relationship and life by identifying where you are now and helping you to take steps towards where you would like to be. I will help you to maximise your potential whilst challenging, motivating, encouraging and supporting you at every step along the way to discover your values and beliefs and move you towards your life purpose. Together we will identify your strengths and hidden abilities to help you to lead a healthier, happier life and achieve your dreams.
Counselling and therapy are often directed towards dealing with past traumas, coping and healing whilst life coaching deals with where you are now and where you would like to be in the future by setting goals, overcoming obstacles and solving problems. I am able to help you to understand the past, present and future with my qualifications in life coaching, neuro-lingustic programming and cognitive behavioural therapy for wherever you are in your journey through life and whatever your goals may be.
Anybody at any age and stage of life can benefit from having a life coach to increase their quality of life, remain consistently focused and more effectively achieve results which is often sought from a desire to make life changes, the need for direction and wanting to achieve goals and dreams.
Each coaching session is unique to the individual client and builds upon the previous sessions in order to define a clear path towards a desired outcome. This includes reflecting upon previous progress and examining your present position in relation to your goal and obstacles to overcome in order to achieve success. Goals can then be set for the next session which can continue for as long as necessary.
I conduct all of my coaching sessions online via Zoom which allows me to work with clients from across the world in the comfort of their home.
Coaching sessions are an hour in duration which I recommend having once per week in order for techniques to be applied and tasks to be completed before the next session. However, you may prefer to have a daily, fortnightly or monthly coaching session depending on where you are on your journey to success. It is entirely up to you.
The cost of coaching depends on how many sessions you book and packages are available. Coaching is a form of self-investment which is a small price to pay in relation to how life-changing the results are.

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