Yoga Teacher
It actually made mindfulness part of my to-do list

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Programme

I wanted to give this program a try so I could introduce my audience to another  method to help them manage stress and cope with anxiety and other mental and physical health challenges. I began this program with an open mind.

I am a certified yoga teacher so I assumed I would cover a lot of the material that I had covered in my yoga training – and I did. BUT, there were a couple of concepts that I have not actually practiced yet and I really did enjoy so I will keep them in my toolkit from this point forward.

There were some really great things I rediscovered through this MBSR program that I can use to build even better habits. As I’m grinding throughout the week – running my businesses, running a household, being a Mommy, being a wife etc. I can get so caught up in my daily activities that I don’t even stop to just BREATHE mindfully.

So one benefit of this program is that it actually made mindfulness part of my to-do list. I will also say that for those of you who don’t spend much time practicing mindfulness, this program can be so very beneficial. And it gives you key tools that you can use throughout your entire life. So in my opinion, it is worth it for this reason alone.

Briana Marie – Yoga Teacher, Mental Health & Financial Literacy Advocate